Customs & Marine Police collude

Hong Kong Customs and the Marine Police mounted a joint operation and detected a suspected speedboat-related smuggling case in Sha Tau Kok on the 3rd of December. A batch of suspected smuggled goods, including electronic products, high-value food and medicines as well as premium cosmetics, with an estimated market value of about HK$80 million were seized. This is the largest smuggling case detected by Customs in the past 12 years.

The officers saw several suspicious men on the shore moving cartons from private cars to a speedboat. The officers then took action and the men immediately jumped into the speedboat and fled.

Customs later intercepted four vehicles, comprising a lorry and three private cars, suspected to be related to the case in the vicinity. A large batch of suspected smuggled goods, including new-model smartphones, computer RAMs, memory cards, dried abalone, birds nests, red coral, handbags and premium cosmetics, was seized from the vehicles.

Following up, Customs arrested three men, aged between 36 and 46. Four vehicles were also detained.

An investigation is ongoing and the three arrested men have been released on bail pending further investigation.

Customs stresses that it will keep up its enforcement action and will continue to fiercely combat sea by pursuing risk-management and intelligence-based enforcement strategies, along with mounting targeted anti-smuggling operations at suitable times and maintaining close co-operation in its intelligence exchanges with local and overseas law enforcement agencies.

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