Foiling Cup in Hong Kong

Things are hotting up in Hong Kong and for the right reasons! With only five days to go to the entry deadline the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has a strong cadre of teams signed up to participate in this groundbreaking event. And not just any teams!

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Defender of the America's Cup, Young Azzura from Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Yacht Club de France, Royal Netherlands Yacht Club and Royal Maas Yacht Club and two teams from Mainland China: China Foiling Academy supported by China Sports Industry group, as well as the RHKYC's very own Team Agiplast.

Says RHKYC's Rune Jacobsen: "We are overwhelmed by the support the event is attracting. We all understand that things could not be more difficult at the moment but we are encouraged by the positivity and desire to make this event a fantastic and competitive one."

There are currently many other countries and yacht clubs which are ready with their teams and in the last stage of securing funding, such as the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, Australia and Switzerland. With this in mind, the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has now agreed to extend the deadline payment of the initial entry fee (US$5,000) to the 25th of November 2020.

With support from the Hong Kong government, Hong Kong Sailing Federation, Persico 69F organization and Foiling Week™, the RHKYC is looking forward to hosting a globally important event, right here in Hong Kong in February and March 2021.

All documents for the Youth Foiling World Cup can be found at: to enter please use the “Book Now” button above the logo.

We target to have 12 teams on the start line and 16 teams is the absolute maximum limit.

We are happy to host individual zoom or WhatsApp calls and answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to and she will help coordinate a Zoom or WhatsApp call.

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