Seahorse Marine

An almost-finished Coot 38 leaves the Doumen yard of Seahorse Marine, headed for the company’s new facility. The state-owned Doumen County Shipyard was opened in 1965 and closed in 2002. Bill & Stella Kimley rented half of it from the state to build their popular Diesel Ducks and other steel craft. Now, the Doumen authorities are closing many businesses in the area to build a park — all part of a municipal beautification process. After 57 years of steel shipbuilding, the Coot was the last boat to leave the riverside yard. Seahorse Marine’s glassfibre boats were built in another factory owned by Bill & Stella. It is best not to build steel and FRP boats in the same yard as the steel dust contaminates FRP finishes. Incidentally, the Coot 38 will be exhibited at the Richmond boat show in California, to be held from the 18th to the 22nd of April this year.
For more information contact Bill Kimley at Seahorse Marine. Tel: +86 1370 231 8640 or Web:

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