Trawler 30

New from North Aegean Yachts is its Trawler 30 and, surprise, one has arrived in Hong Kong. The delighted owner is none other that Peter Lau of Hong Kong Marine, already something of an aficionado of tug / trawler boats. Readers may remember our review of his Ranger Tug (featured on the cover of Number 284).

The Trawler 30 is designed as a compact trawler and, thanks to its standard and optional hardware options, is able to compete with boats over its own class in terms of ergonomics, economy and safety. There is plenty of room inside in both the cabin and saloon and the design provides the comfort of a much larger boat.

During the design and manufacturing of the Trawler 30, North Aegean Yachts worked to the principle that small details make all the difference. Therefore all parts and materials used were carefully selected or manufactured by the yard.

With the stability, comfort and safety standards that this 9.32-metre trawler offers, it is sure to become a familiar sight around Hong Kong’s eastern seaboard.

The boat has a width of 3.05 metres making it roomy for its size. And that’s really what the Trawler 30 is about — a boat that can be used for entertainment and be families. Draught,
too, is a sparing 0.95 metres which will allow you to go exploring in all the bays and coves around Dai Long Wan.

For propulsion, the North Aegean Trawler 30 has a Yanmar 53hp fitted which purrs nicel
at 3000rpm. You can reach 10 knots but, really, that’s enough for a boat that is not designed for offshore expedition work. The Trawler 30 is made for inland waters, and comfort above all else.

Two hundred and forty litres of fuel can be carried so long-distance voyaging is a possibility. Macau, even Nansha Marina are within its range.

The boat, as is customary nowadays, has a grey water tank of 78 litres so you will be assured of environmental friendliness when venturing out for the day.

At the moment, Peter is doing some equipment installation as it appears the first 30 is going to be for his use and enjoyment. Why not? It doesn’t mean he can’t order one for you too! Give him a call on 2792 1483 if you need to know more.

The price is a very reasonable HK$999,000 and there is a range of colours to choose. Although most of the colours the yard offers as standard are dark, and look good, Peter has gone for a lighter shade. Sensibly, in our opinion, as dark colours attract heat in Hong Kong and there’s no point in being roasted when you’re meant to be having fun. That pice, by the way, includes shipping so it’s actually amazingly good value when you think about it.

The boat will be kept on a swing mooring in Hebe Haven so keep an eye open next time you’re going out for a day’s sailing. You can also visit the North Aegean Yachts website for
some videos of the Trawler 30 and its big sister, the Trawler 50.

Cruising inland waterways (above), washroom (below left), forward cabin (below) and galley (bottom)

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