Typhoon Series 2017, Race 6


With tropical storms threatening to affect local conditions, Race 6, the Mirs Bay Race, of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2017 was very much in the hands of the gods. But even they couldn’t make up their minds with the 2.5-knot breeze in Port Shelter on Saturday, the 29th of July, oscillating between south, northeast and finally northwest.

The race officer, Bob Vart, and his team were obliged to raise the postponement flag and headed further out of Port Shelter to search for wind. Fortunately, after 40 minutes, with the sun breaking through the clouds, a 5- to 6-knot northwesterly settled in and the 61 yachts got away in four flights.

First off were IRC A (11 boats) and IRC B (6). Next, IRC C (12) and Sport Boats (6), followed by the J-80s (5) and HKPN A (7). Last but not least came HKPN B (14).

An incident between Shikari and the Bavaria, 4 Sail, has resulted in protests by both parties. Shikari retired with a damaged rudder.

The faster boats, having headed inshore to round a windward mark, hoisted their kites. Several of the front runners including Zannekin and Lighthorse alpha then sailed back through the start line, dodging boats in other classes.

They then left Basalt Island to port and passed through a gate and on to Shek Ngau Chau (formerly Gau Tau) with the intended destination near Cham Pai Light.

The assistant RO, Inge Strompf, set off to lay the finish line but, with little wind in Mirs Bay, sensibly opted to shorten course for IRC A, B, C and HKPN A at Shek Ngau Chau. The RO did the same for the Sports Boats and J-80s as they were not continuing on to Wong Shek, instead heading back to Hebe Haven. He also wanted some of the slower boats in HKPN B to get a finish so he shortened their course at the gate. 

It made for a spectacular sight as the fleet converged on the gate, many with their colourful spinnakers.

Zannekin took line and handicap honours in IRC A, ahead of Minnie the Moocher and Redeye. Sell Side Dream took both honours in IRC B, followed by Seawolf and Blackjack. Talkinghead captured line honours in IRC C but lost out to Moll, Lady Butterfly, RB and Gambit in IRC C, with RB beating Gambit by just 14 seconds.

Hotwired took 1st place in Sports Boats, Gnarwhal 2nd and Merlin 3rd. Footloose won the J-80s, beating Jive  and Jazz.

Surfdude took line honours in HKPN A but lost out to Temujin and TT on handicap. Line honours in HKPN B went to GA but White Dragon, Lo Tech and Gecko took the handicap honours.

The BBQ and awards presentation made an enjoyable evening at Wong Shek Pier. Just a pity more boats didn’t stay overnight.

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