Typhoon Series 2018, Race 6 & 7

Weather predictions were ominous, with winds varying from 1 to 6 knots for Day 5 of the UK Sailmakers Typhoon Series 2018. Heading out early on Sunday, the 5th August 2018, the committee vessel dropped anchor outside Shelter Island where race officer, Inge Strompf, and her team prayed for wind to complete the two geometric races scheduled for the day.

Fortunately, a 3- to 5-knot breeze built from the southeast and windward marks were laid at 1.2 nautical miles for the IRC A, B and Sportsboats and 1nm for the rest. Total – 53 boats.

First off on schedule were the IRC A and B fleets comprising 10 and five boats respectively. Over- eagerness, however, resulted in a general recall and they were sent to the back of the queue for their restart.

The 11 IRC C boats and five Sportsboats were next off with only Ding Dong OCS and obliged to restart (some others were late for their starts).

HKPN B’s eight boats were the next off although those at the back found themselves mixing with the restart for IRC A and B. Once again, the IRC A and B boats transgressed and another general recall ensued before they finally got away . . . third time lucky! Phoenix glanced the committee vessel but exonerated itself with a penalty turn.

The light conditions resulted in numerous close encounters and other odd incidents.

With the breeze strengthening, a second shorter race, with the marks brought in to 0.8 and 0.6nm, was started as soon as each division finished. This meant the race management team was split to finish Race 6 whilst also starting Race 7.

The IRC A and B divisions had learned from their earlier starts and got away cleanly. Not so IRC C and Sportsboats – they were also given a general recall. But the breeze, fortunately, continued building and reached 10 knots as Windseeker, Scrumpy and Gecko brought up the rear.

With Jeremy Koo on the helm, Jelik claimed line honours and 3rd place in both races, Ambush finished 2nd in both with Lighthorse Alpha+ scoring two bullets in IRC A.

In IRC B, Kingsman came 3rd in Race 6 and Outrageous 3rd in Race 7, Juggerknot finished with two 2nd and Kiasu! two 1st places.

Vixen finished 3rd in Race 6 with Whiskey Jack 3rd in Race 7. Red Kite II and Dexter II traded 1st and 2nd places with Dexter II winning Race 6 and Red Kite II Race 7.

In Sportsboats, Hot Wired dominated with two line and handicap honours, Ricochet finished with a 3rd and 2nd while Gnarwhal took 2nd in Race 6 with Havoc 3rd in Race 7.

Competition in the J-80 Class was keen with Jazz winning Race 6 and finishing 3rd in Race 7. Footloose placed 2nd in Race 6 and won Race 7. May 13 finished 3rd in Race 6 with Jelik 7 2nd in Race 7.

In HKPN A, results in Races 6 and 7 were repeated with Temujin 3rd, Dexter 2nd and Lazy Piggy 1st in both. LoTech again dominated HKPN B with two bullets, Pepper & Salt scored a 2nd and 3rd with Gecko 3rd in Race 6 and Bleu 2nd in Race 7.

After a sweltering day on the water the sailors and race management team were relieved to return to the Hebe Haven Yacht Club’s Garden Bar for the awards presentation and sponsored San Miguel.

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