Waglan Series 2020-21, Race 6

The morning of Sunday, the 6th of December 2020, was bright and sunny but slightly hazy as the Aberdeen Boat Club’s committee boat dropped anchor between Repulse Bay and Round Island, in preparation for Race 6 of the Waglan Series 2020-21.

Race officer, Alex Johnston, was concerned about conditions which were predicted to ease off as the day progressed, along with the flooding tide. So he opted for Course #21 to include, for IRC, Castle Rock (p), Po Toi Island (s), Waglan Island (p), Sung Kong (s), Fury Rocks (p) back to the Tai Tam Club Mark and finishing off Round Island, providing several options for shortening the 17.3-nautical-mile course, should the need arise. HKPN were given the 12.9-nautical-mile Course #21 B/C, omitting Waglan and Sung Kong.

It was a relief for Johnston to get racing underway on schedule with the 1055 warning signal gun for a combined 10-boat IRC 1 & 2 start in the somewhat fluky conditions, averaging 6-8 knots, with gusts of 10-12 and occasionally higher.

In IRC 1, Intrigue led off the line, heading 045 degrees to the windward mark, at a distanceof 0.4nm in towards the Repulse Bay beach and was first to round, followed by Wicked in IRC 2.

Five minutes later, it was a more sedate start for the eight boats in a combined HKPN A & B start. Five-O-One opted for a pin end start, approaching on port tack while Legende II and the J-80 Mozzie led off the line. It was looking ominous for a short while as the HKPN fleet closed on the windward mark when the breeze died but fortunately it was soon revitalised with the fleet then heading for Castle Rock.

Leaving Repulse Bay, Intrigue initially stretched and held its lead until a tactical call saw Jinn and Neo One overhauling the Bashford 41 after clearing Po Toi.

Having rounded Waglan and Sung Kong, it was Jinn that led Neo One around Fury Rocks, hoisting its asymmetric cleanly before heading for the Tai Tam Club Mark and back to the Round Island finish. However, despite being overtaken by Neo One which took line honours in IRC 1, Jinn claimed handicap honours ahead of Intrigue and Juggerknot.

Wicked won line honours in IRC 2 by 35 seconds over Red Kite II but lost out to the latter on handicap, finishing 2nd with Zesst 3rd. 

Fortunately the sea breeze had kicked in swinging easterly and eliminating any need for shortening the courses.

Meanwhile Legende II led the HKPN fleet around Fury Rocks, followed by Generations, with Jibulai and Five-O-One close on its tail before hoisting their kites and running back to Tai Tam, rounding the Club Mark and heading home.

Legende II comfortably took line and handicap honours in HKPN A with Jibulai 2nd on handicap and Generations 3rd.

The J-80 Mozzie clamed line honours in HKPN B but was relegated to 2nd on handicap behind Boss. Shun Shui placed 3rd.

“A pleasant sail and great day,” commented Gideon Mowser and Arnie Lunty, having finished 2nd on Intrigue in IRC 1.
Race 6 of the Waglan Series 2020-2021 completes racing in the Series for 2020 and wraps up the first of two mini-series.  After five days of racing, comprising four Island races and two windward / leewards, Jinn, with four bullets, tops the IRC 1 leaderboard, with Juggerknot 2nd, just one point ahead of Redeye.

With six bullets, Red Kite II claims victory in the IRC 2 mini-series with Zesst and Wicked 2nd and 3rd respectively.
With two bullets and three 2nds, Jibulai takes the HKPN A mini-series honours, ahead of Generations with two bullets and three 3rd places. The J-80, JeNaPaBe, took the 3rd slot.

In HKPN B with five bullets and discarding a 2nd place, Boss takes the honours with Five-O-One 2nd and Shun Shui 3rd.

Social distancing regulations prevented any day or mini-series prize-giving.

Racing in the Waglan Series 2020-2021 resumes with Race 7, an islands course, Race 7, on the 10th of January 2021.

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