Waglan 7 re-sail, overall

The sun was out, glistening on the aquamarine sea between Repulse Bay and Round Island, as the fleet gathered around the committee boat for the re-sail of Race 7 of the Waglan Series 2020-21. The race, originally scheduled for the 10th of January, was postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. It would be the last of the three ‘postponed’ to be held races and would enable the results of the Series to be compiled.

The 12- to 15-knot breeze was in a playful mood. Race officer, Alex Johnston, laid the windward mark at 75 degrees and 0.35 nautical miles distant, but had to reset it at 55 degrees and adjust the start line. This aligned the windward mark with the Tin Hau Temple on Repulse Bay beach.

Seven yachts started on schedule at 1100 in a combined start for IRC 1 and 2. Intrigue led the IRC 1 boats off the line with Xena in hot pursuit. Red Kite II got the better of Arcturus in IRC 2, the latter having opted for the right side of the course whilst everyone else went left.

Five minutes later the combined fleet of eight boats in HKPN A and B followed but not before a potentially serious incident occurred on the start line raising much concern amongst the race officials. A reckless French kayaker with his young family on board paddled the length of the start line toward the committee boat, seemingly oblivious to the HKPN fleet bearing down on them, and ignoring the urgent requests to clear the area.

In the four-boat HKPN B division Five-O-One led off the line, whilst Generations led the four in the A fleet. The Beneteau First 7.5, Speedy Gonzales, and Shun Shui brought up the rear.

Water Rabbit looked as if it was also joining the race, eventually crossing the start line, rounding the windward mark and putting in a reef off Stanley Bay, before disappearing.

Meanwhile Zesst, which was out on the water, informed the race officer it was unable to join due to a halyard problem after Saturday’s racing.

Xena was the first to round the windward mark and similarly led around the 23.6- nautical mile course 22A for IRC, chased by Redeye. After rounding the windward mark the IRC boats headed for Castle Rock (p), up to the Ta Tam Club Mark (s), around Shek O Rock (s), across Sun Kong (p), Waglan (s), back to Po Toi (p), Castle Rock (s), Chesterman Buoy (s) and in to the finish off Round Island.

Conditions out on the course increased with Redeye opting to reef its main, initially off Stanley Bay and again in the Beaufort Channel. Here, 20 knots was recorded, with gusts of 25. The 1- to 2-metre swells made life somewhat uncomfortable for the smaller boats.

Meanwhile the HKPN fleet, having rounded  the windward mark, headed straight to the Tai Tam Club Mark (s), followed by Fury Rocks (s), headed back to the Tai Tam Club Mark (p), Castle Rock (s), Chesterman Buoy (s) and in to the finish off Round Island, a total of 15.1 nautical miles on Course 22B/C.

Generations, flying a colourful red kite, maintained its lead after rounding Fury Rocks in HKPN A, chased by Legende II, and crossing the finish line in 1st and 2nd places in HKPN A. Jibulai finished 3rd but leap-frogged Legende II for 2nd place on handicap, with the J-80, JeNa PaBe, 4th.

After two and a half hours, just 10 seconds separated Boss and Five-O-One at the finish line in HKPN B, with Boss claiming handicap honours. Shun Shui finished 3rd with the not-so-speedy, Speedy Gonzales, in 4th.

Xena led the IRC A fleet home in 2 hours 59 minutes and 51 seconds, followed by Redeye but it was Jinn that corrected out in 1st place with Redeye 2nd and Juggerknot 3rd. Xena and Intrigue finished 4th and 5th respectively.

Red Kite II scored the daily double with Arcturus 2nd in IRC B.

Thus, in IRC 1, Jinn, having claimed the overall honours in the Mini Series 1 for the six races in 2020, also took the overall honours in the six races making up the Mini Series 2 in 2021, making it a convincing overall winner of the Waglan Series 2020-21 in IRC 1. Intrigue finished 2nd overall in the Mini Series 2 but 4th overall in the Waglan Series 2020-21.

Juggerknot finished 2nd in Mini Series 1 and 3rd in Mini Series 2 giving it 2ndoverall in the Waglan Series, while Redeye, 3rd in Mini Series 1 and 4th in Mini Series 2, claimed 3rd overall in the Waglan Series 2020-2021.

Winning 11 of the 12 races and finishing 2nd in Race 11, Red Kite II won both Mini Series as well as overall in IRC 2 in the Waglan Series 2020-21. Zesst claimed 2nd overall in the Series having also finished 2nd in both Mini Series. Arcturus, 4th in Mini Series 1 and 3rd in Mini Series 2, claimed 3rd overall in IRC 2 in the Waglan Series 2020-21.

In HKPN A, Jibulai, winner of both Mini Series, took overall in the Waglan Series 2020-21, while Generations was 2nd overall in all three Series. Legende II, 4th in the Mini Series 1 and 3rd in Mini Series 2, overhauled JeNa PaBe for 3rd overall in the Waglan Series 2020-21.

Boss, with nine race wins and three 2nd places, likewise took the overall honours in all three Series in HKPN B with Five-O-One 2nd and Shun Shui 3rd in all three.

Arrangements for the prize-giving have yet to be announced.

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